"Add gorgeous opt-in forms and social share boxes to your blog in seconds"


Before getting in touch, check to see that we haven't answered your question previously.

"I can't get my license key to work"

Your license key is more than likely accurate, but sometimes people copy extra characters unknowingly when using the 'Copy and Paste' function. Try typing in your license key manually. If this doesn't work, send us a temporary admin login to your account and we can bypass this for you. Make sure to change your password after!

"I want to use this on Joomla or a static HTML website"

Sorry, but OptinSkin is only a plugin for Wordpress. Though it's possible to get your designs working on a static HTML site, you wouldn't have any backend features at all, and would have to edit things in Wordpress.

"I want to make [insert big HTML / CSS change here]"

It's possible to make changes to every Skin by going to 'Manage Designs' on your left-side admin menu and viewing the CSS and HTML of each Skin. However, changes to HTML & CSS (like adding additional fields or more form customisation) is not something that we can support via our helpdesk. This is purely due to a time constraint and how much work would be involved custom-editing HTML for thousands of customers.

To contact us, please send an email to hello+os@skindustryhq.com