"Add gorgeous opt-in forms and social share boxes to your blog in seconds"

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work with Get Response / Constant Contact / etc.?
Yes! Our first major upgrade to OptinSkin was to include the functionality to allow web forms from hundreds of different email marketing services. When creating your Skin, simply select the \'Other\' tab when asked to provide your form details, then paste your code in there. If you have any problems, feel free to send us a mail!
Can I use this on multiple websites?
Yes. You do not need to purchase additional copies of OptinSkin as long as you are putting it on websites which you own. We do not have a developer package at present, so if you are a developer then your clients will have to purchase their own copy of our plugin.
Can I remove the 'powered by OptinSkin' link?
Absolutely. It's disabled by default. You can enable it if you wish to help promote our tool, and make money by entering your Clickbank username in the relevant field provided.
Can I add Skins to pages?
Yes you can. They can be added anywhere by using the shortcode provided after creating your Skin.
How quickly do I receive OptinSkin after purchase?
Our ordering process is safe, automated and instant. As soon as you buy, you get the plugin.
How do I install the plugin?
Installing OptinSkin is as simple as clicking a button. In the members area, look for our simple visual guide under the white banner.
Does OptinSkin collect email addresses?
We do not have our own database for collecting email subscribers that sign-up through your form. Our service works with email marketing services mentioned in Answer 1, which are used by millions of people around the world. Please note that Feedburner - which we integrate with - is a free service that allows your blog readers to be sent email updates and will collect those emails for you.
I get an 'email not enabled' Feedburner error
By default, your Feedburner account does not come with email subscriptions enabled. However, you can turn them on very quickly by selecting your feed in Feedburner and clicking on the 'Pulicize' tab. Click 'Email Subscriptions' in the left menu and then activate this feature on the options page that appears.[/callout]
Can I add or remove form fields like 'Enter Name'?
All aspects of your OptinSkin 'Skins' can be edited since we allow you to change the full HTML and CSS of each Skin if you choose to do so. However, there is no default way to add or remove certain fields from each skin. Put simply, it is very complex to make them correctly resize and change depending on which fields you're using.
This is why we include so many Skins by default with OptinSkin, and are continuing to add more. Again, if you know HTML it is possible, but the changes are not something we currently support.
How do I find Post ID's?
In the URL bar, whenever you're editing a specific post, you will see its post id after the post= text. So the post ID below is 311:

To speed up the process of selecting multiple posts, click 'Posts' on the left menu of your WP-Admin panel. Then, hover over the 'Edit' link of each post and you'll see its ID in your status bar (bottom left of browser), otherwise you can right click and select 'Copy Link Location' or similar to get its ID that way.
Which code do I use for iContact?
Once you log into your account, find a list of the forms you've created and select 'View HTML'. Then, scroll down the page until you find the code 'Manual HTML' which you can see below. Paste that into OptinSkin, and we'll do the rest.
What does OptinSkin do for mobile devices?
As of all downloads of OptinSkin from 6/24/12, there is a simple option to disable OptinSkin for all mobile devices. This can be turned on if you are using a responsive theme that changes content depending on devices, etc.